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Συσκευασία: 400 gr ,10kg
LAVSTAR FORMA with new improved formulation  makes your white clothes shine and vibrant colors without the laundry caused by the washing machine. With the product containing at least 30% oxygen-based bleaching agents, it certainly gives results even at the lowest temperatures. The product contains dispenser.

Use Instructions : For the washing machine: Put in the washing machine or the dispenser that comes into the washing machine bin 1 to 2 measures of material together with your detergent (powder). For very difficult stains you can increase the dose. For the hand: Pour 2 tablespoons of the product into 10lit water with your detergent. Dissolve it very well and then put the clothes in and let them soak for about half an hour. Finally, wash clothes as usual. Note: Because some colors fade even in cold water, it is recommended to test their strength by washing an inner part first with the product. Not recommended for woolen and silk clothing.

Always observe the precautionary instructions listed on the label, For non-listed uses please first use a non-visible surface on the surface you want to clean.

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