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SOMAZ is a  multi purpose cleaner that cleans all stains that do not manage to clean other detergents. With SOMAZ there is no stain that does not cleanse. With its composition of special solvents and surfactants as well as the way of its production it manages to strike the dirt in the root without containing any caustic materials, with the wonderful aroma that it contains gives a distinctive aroma in the space. The product does not wear the surfaces.


SOMAZ hard with stains, ally of the housewife and the professional.

Instructions for use:

Insoluble can clean ovens, grills, indelible markers, grease glued and burnt etc

Put the product on a scotch sponge and gently rub the surface, clean with a cloth or cloth or rinse with water.

For cleaning pencils or pen or pens from walls, benches, desks furniture, cabinets put a little on a sponge or a cloth and rub lightly. dry the surface with a paper or cloth.

For home scrub: put two lids in a bucket of 10 liters of water. It can also be used as a detergent reinforcing by put one or a half lid in the bucket, not mixing with chlor.

For Professionals: For use with a mop bucket put two to three caps in 10 liters of water for very soiled floors, double the amount. For rotary mopping machines, place 100-200 ml in the machine bin.

To use vehicle pre-wash: dissolve 1 liter of material in 10 liters of water. For engine cleaning in cars, trucks and machinery: dissolve 1 liter of material in 5 liters of water (dissolution varied depending on the quality of the water).

For clothes washing: In the washing machine as a reinforcing, pour 10-20ml of product per 1kg of clothing. For hand-washing, pour 20-30ml per 1 liter of water.

For Professional Clothes Cleaning: In the washing machine, dissolve 20 -30ml of product per 1kg of clothing. in the case of a lot of soiled clothes, increase the quantity with care. For hand washing 30 - 60 ml per 1 liter of water. For stains like grease, oils etc you put insoluble on the stain, try it first at an odd point.

For carpet cleaning: With an extraction broom, dissolve 1 liter of product in 20 liters of water. For hand brushing with a brush dissolve 1 liter of product in 20 liters of water it is recommended to use it first at an not obviousl spot.

The product does not need hot water.

Always observe the precautionary instructions listed on the label on the container, for uses not listed please use at an unobtrusive spot on the surface that we want to clean.

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