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Συσκευασία: 0.75L.,1.25L, 4L.

The LAVSTAR chlor ultra is thought to stay longer in the places that cleans. Thanks to its viscous properties it manages to adhere to all surfaces such as in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet bowl etc. With its soapy and active chlorine composition, it can thoroughly clean without damaging the surfaces, giving it a gentle scent of cleanliness in your home. Our company for your safety as well as your child uses a double safety cap.




Instructions for use:

To clean the toilet bowl: Apply insoluble around and under the edge of the bowl and allow it to remove the stains from it, before use, pull the cistern to rinse.

Bathroom drains and kitchens: Pour the insoluble into the drain and leave it for 5-10 minutes to remove unpleasant odors. For the sink: Pour into the siphons and overflow, leave for 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

To clean the floor: Dissolve 100ml -150ml into 5 liters of water.

Do not use the product on floors, enamel, metallised or metallic surfaces.Do not use on wool, silk, skins and fabrics with unstable colors.

If you do not report any of the use, it is best to try it at an unseen point before using it with great care.

Before using, always read and observe the precautionary statements listed on the label. Never mix with other detergents



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