Chlorine solution (chlorine)
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Chlorine solution (chlorine)
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LAVSTAR CHLOR (chlorine) is a product that can be used to clean many surfaces, thanks to the strength of the chlorine it contains. Its composition contains the largest proportion of sodium hypochlorite (5.6%) present on the market and therefore makes it the best and most economical solution for cleaning professional or residential spaces. Our company to ensure the safety of yours and your children uses a safety lid on the product.


Instructions for use:

For white that have yellowed: Soak for 15-20 minutes in a 1/2 glass lavstar chlorine solution in 5 liters of cold water. For washed clothes apply half the amount To remove stains: Dissolve 1 glass (200ml) of lavstar chlorine in 5 liters of water stir the water with the clothes and leave for 10 minutes. Do not use the product on woolen, silk, leather and fabrics in unstable colors.

For home: Insoluble we can clean sanitary ware, drains, etc., avoid using the product on metallic, painted and worn surfaces.

In the event that you do not report any use, it is advisable to test it at an unseen point with caution before using it

Before using, always read and observe the precautionary statements listed on the label. Never mix with other detergents.

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