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Συσκευασία: 4L, 13L
HOME FRESH is a floor and surface cleaning liquid that provides shiny cleaning on all surfaces such as floors, marble, walls, bathtubs, etc. from grease, dirt, footprints. HOME FRESH does not leave any blur on the floors. Comes in three wonderful fragrances giving a lasting freshness.

Use instructions :
For mop: Dilute the product to 1:30 (1 lid of the product in a 10lit bucket of water) and mop.
For persistent stains use the product solid with a sponge and then dry.

For cleaning the walls: Dilute 2-3 caps in 5lit water. It is recommended that you use it first in a non-obvious spot.

Always observe the precautionary instructions listed on the label. For non-listed uses please first use a non-visible surface on the surface you want to clean.

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